martes, 20 de marzo de 2012


By Miriam Calleja (3ºA)

Reviewed by Sara Cledera

In this article we wanted to collect six Spanish singers who sing against sexism, abuse and gender violence. We have cited the authors and their songs. Moreover, we briefly explain the content of these songs. If you have a relaxing day do not hesitate to listen to these Spanish songs that help many women to open their minds and reporting abuse.

Luz casal: A bouquet of roses (Un ramo de rosas)

The last to do a song dedicated to victims of gender violence is Luz Casal. One issue that speaks of a woman "doomed to suffer the infinite silence." "A fairy tale without a happy ending," explained the singer in a tribute to the 54 víctimas of sexism held in Madrid on November 25, 2011

Amaral: Run away (Salir corriendo)

The group Mano Amaral was one of the first Spanish band to denounce this violation of human rights. The song Run away, reads: "No one can keep all the water from the sea / In a glass / How many drops you need to drop / To see the tide grow? / How many times has made you smile? / This no way to live / How many tears can save / In your crystal glass? "

Malú and Manu Carrasco:That no street your truth (Que nadie calle tu verdad)
Manu carrasco, unlike Amaral, has written one of the last songs that deal with gender violence, Nobody. A heartbreaking song and who plays with his friend Malu. The chorus reads: "Let no street your truth / that no one drowns the heart / anyone do more than mourn / sinking in silence / that no one forces you to death / cutting your wings to fly / to return your will to live" .

Hueco y Hanna: No more tears (Se acabaron las lagrimas)

In 2009 the singer from Extremadura presented his song No more tears. To do this, to give more weight to the clip, was surrounded by many familiar characters. Including journalists such us Iñaki Gabilondo or Angels Barceló, former Minister of Equal or Bibiana Aido. "It's time to start walking / No more tears / is time to start to break your cage and walk," says the letter.




Bebe: Bad person (Malo)

Malo, the song that launched her to success Bebe, addresses gender-based on violence: "Once again, no, please, I'm tired / And I can not with the heart / Again no, my love, please / no shout, the children are sleeping (...) ".

Andy y Lucas: And in your Window (Y en tu ventana)

The duo Andy and Lucas also has among its repertoire one of the most heartbreaking letters about this social problem that affects women of all classes and condition. The most beautiful piece of it (And in your window) reads: "What would I / By change fears for a star / Where no hits live alone / What would I / For stopping the clock at dawn / To  sleep quietly and alone. "